Aspekt Solutions Acquires Landauer’s Therapy Physics Business

Greenbelt, MD – (Business Wire) – Aspekt Solutions, a recognized leader in medical physics services, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Therapy Physics business of Landauer, a provider of physics and dosimetry services to radiation oncology clinics across the United States. The integration of these two organizations will create one of the largest independent groups in the United States. 

“I couldn’t be happier to bring these two teams together in our quest to provide the highest quality physics and dosimetry solutions to our clients. The Therapy Physics business of Landauer mirrors our values and reputation for quality work. We are building an incredible base of talent at a time when many organizations are struggling to find and maintain physicists.” said Brian Pellegrini, CEO of Aspekt Solutions.  

This move is the third strategic acquisition by Aspekt Solutions, increasing Aspekt’s presence in key markets to build a truly national medical physics organization. The combined organization will offer comprehensive services to healthcare providers across the United States and enable investments that are needed to help hospitals and outpatient clinics survive and thrive in a market with too few physicists, dosimetrists and other professionals. Aspekt Solutions will also build upon the investments the businessmade in creating a world-class residency program. 

“The Therapy Physics business of Landauer is an organization I have respected for many years. They built an incredible residency program; one that rivals university-based programs. I am eager to continue and expand it to develop the next generation of talent that the medical physics community desperately needs,” added Wolfram Laub, DABR, Chief Operating Officer of Aspekt Solutions.

About Aspekt Solutions

Aspekt Solutions offers radiology and radiation oncology providers the staff, guidance, technical and operational expertise they need to turn a high-risk, high-capital business into a competitive advantage. Our mission is to make a difference one patient, one clinic, one system at a time. That mission starts by bringing together the best team of physicists, dosimetrists, and strategy consultants in the industry, and closely partnering with clients to support and extend their existing programs and prepare them for the future.