Aspekt Solutions Announces Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency Program

Aspekt Solutions, a recognized leader in medical physics services and a trusted provider in solutions for radiation oncology, radiology and radiation safety for more than 20 years, is thrilled to announce our Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency Program.

This program comes directly out of the strategic acquisition of the Therapy Physics business of Landauer, a provider of physics and dosimetry services to radiation oncology clinics across the United States. At acquisition, Aspekt Solutions announced they would build upon the investments Landauer made in creating a world-class residency program. At the time, Aspekt Solutions COO, Wolfram Laub stated “They (Landauer) built an incredible residency program; one that rivals university-based programs. I am eager to continue and expand it to develop the next generation of talent that the medical physics community desperately needs.” 

The residency program is a two-year CAMPEP (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs) Accredited Radiation Oncology program providing clinical training in radiation oncology. The program is focused on offering training opportunities across a diverse set of equipment and treatment modalities in small practices as well as large hospital departments, giving the individual a holistic view of the field of radiation oncology. Through the Aspekt Solutions network, residents have extraordinary opportunities to routinely participate in less commonly performed activities like commissioning data collection, modeling and acceptance testing. 

The Landauer residency program was started in 2010 and received initial CAMPEP accreditation in 2013.  The program has graduated 36 residents in its history and 90+% of graduates have passed Part 2 & 3 of the ABR (American Board of Radiology) certification exams.  Interim program director Nathan Davis stated, “I am very proud of the successes of our residency program’s graduates and know they will make the field of medical physics stronger into the future.”

After completion of the Residency Program, graduates will be prepared to sit for Part 2 of the ABR certification in Therapeutic Medical Physics. 

The next openings for the residency program start on July 1, 2023.

About Aspekt Solutions

Aspekt Solutions offers radiology and radiation oncology providers the staff, guidance, technical and operational expertise they need to turn a high-risk, high-capital business into a competitive advantage. Our mission is to make a difference one patient, one clinic, one system at a time. That mission starts by bringing together the best team of physicists, dosimetrists, and strategy consultants in the industry, and closely partnering with clients to support and extend their existing programs and prepare them for the future.