Associates in Medical Physics Rebrands to Aspekt Solutions to Meet the Complex Demands of the Radiation Oncology and Radiology Market

Greenbelt, MD – (BUSINESS WIRE)–Associates in Medical Physics (AMP), a recognized leader in medical physics, along with Radiation Management Associates (RMA) and Keystone Physics, has announced today the launch of a new brand identity and name – Aspekt Solutions.

AMP, RMA, and Keystone have each built a reputation over 20+ years for quality and service. Each brand is recognized and highly regarded, but none captured the full array of capabilities of the entire organization. Aspekt Solutions is an intentional move to better represent the full breadth of what the company offers, and its strategic focus in providing solutions that providers need to meet the complex demands of the radiation oncology and radiology market.

Aspekt Solutions has made significant investments in the last year to deliver on its new vision. Brian Pellegrini, as seasoned healthcare veteran, was brought on as CEO in 2019. The company also hired Wolfram Laub, PhD, DABR, who led the clinical medical physics programs at Johns Hopkins University and Oregon Health & Science University, as COO. The company also closed on its first acquisition, Keystone Physics earlier in 2021. These moves expand Aspekt Solutions’ breadth of capability and accelerate growth.

“When I joined, I was astounded by how many different things we did. We of course provide medical physicists, but we also have a large compliment of dosimetrists, we fully staff and manage clinics, oversee development and construction projects, advise on technology strategy, and so much more. We have always been so much more than physics, but our name didn’t tell that story. It was time for our brand to catch up with who we are,” said Brian Pellegrini, CEO of Aspekt Solutions.

“This is an exciting change for us,” said Wolfram, “We remain a company with medical physics at the core of who we are, yet our new brand positions us in the market to help our customers compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace, shift from volume to value, and keep pace with technical innovation.”

About Aspekt Solutions

Aspekt Solutions offers radiology and radiation oncology providers the staff, guidance, technical and operational expertise they need to turn a high-risk, high-capital business into a competitive advantage. Our mission is to make a difference one patient, one clinic, one system at a time. That mission starts by bringing together the best team of physicists, dosimetrists, and strategy consultants in the industry, and closely partnering with clients to support and extend their existing programs and prepare them for the future.