Solutions Suite

Aspekt understands that ongoing consolidation and staying abreast of new regulations and changing Medicare requirements puts pressure on your bottom line and your team’s ability to stay efficient. Hiring — and retaining — physicists and dosimetrists is more challenging as demand and salaries both increase.

Large hospitals and small clinics alike must keep up with evolving tech, new treatment protocols and ongoing research. Aspekt provides you with access to an expansive peer network of experts to tap into, beyond education and compliance.

How Aspekt can support you

Program and clinical

We bring experience and independence to keep things running smoothly — from your Technical Program and Radiation Safety Office to full Clinic operations.


Technology services

We keep your patients safe, and your business focused on what’s next. Our experts are certified in equipment evaluation, maintenance, implementation and adoption, training, and planning.


Consulting and 
compliance services

We protect your reputation today and prepare you for the future. We conduct full operational assessments; help with your technology roadmap, selection, and implementation; and provide assistance with education and training, licensure of individuals and clinics, and regulatory assurance.


Staffing solutions

We know what great looks like when being great matters. We provide trusted, proven professionals — physicists, dosimetrists and strategy consultants — to support your internal team.


Efficiencies and economies of scale

Tools to automate treatment processes and extenders to take on low value work; access to experts beyond your area and to fill in the gaps; shared costs of software.


A secure reputation and better outcomes

Keeping the standard of care high, even through mergers; ensuring the safety of equipment/services; staying relevant on technology; preparing for regulatory changes.


Expanded market opportunities

New opportunities to reach an increasing number of patients or for new applications of radiation; joint research opportunities.

Radiation Oncology

1. Shielding Design and Commissioning

Our industry-recognized experts provide support with shielding design for Radiation Oncology departments, commissioning new equipment, and much more to help you establish a new facility or update an existing one; you’ll receive comprehensive documentation and ongoing support

2. Physics and Dosimetry

Full program consulting that drives change, with management support and customized solutions, including monthly/annual machine QA; provide on-site and remote physicists and dosimetrists to complement your in-house team or temporarily fill staffing gaps

3. Clinic Oversight and Operations

Complete clinic management ranging from developing operational oversight to staffing and vendor management (and beyond)

4. Technology Services

A technology strategy and roadmap that includes equipment evaluation and lifecycle planning, implementation, adoption, and training

Radiation Safety & Compliance

Comprehensive solutions to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory entities regarding the use of radiation in medicine.


Annual/periodic Radiation Machine Quality Inspections


Accreditation support in all modalities (Mammography, CT, MRI, SPECT, PET)


Facility Design, Shielding, and Acceptance Testing


Dose Optimization (Image quality improvement, Image Gently, protocol review, etc.)

Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

Comprehensive solutions to inspect equipment, gain or continue accreditation, and improve dose/imaging quality programs.

  • Regulatory management including Radioactive Materials License and Radiation Machine Registration management
  • Radiation Safety Training (online and live)
  • Radiation Safety Officer staffing
  • Radiation Safety Program Development and Management